Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The 9th of January, and the 19th of July are two days those in my family may go a little quiet.

They are the days, respectively, that Karl, brother, son and father of two was born and, 34 short years later, died.

We miss you bro ... and my heart goes out to all those who loved you.

Rest well.


So you wanna be a SAHM*

*Stay At Home Mom

So Natalie, who has been watching *Stuart Little*, comes into the living room with her pants and knickers around her ankles ...... she kinda hobbles in ....
She is holding toilet paper, and I figure she wants help wiping.

Oh boy does she want help! It is with a sickening realisation that I notice the poop smeared down her leg .... Heaven help me, what has the poor little Tyke done?

What she has done, is poop in her knickers, and then gone into the bathroom to try to clean it up ...... that was sweet, but a mis-judgement, the magnitude of which only a 2-year-old, or a Baptist Minister, is capable.

I follow her into the bathroom. The poop is still mainly contained in her panties, but a significant amount has managed to smear itself on the floor, the wall, and the toilet.

In a flash, we whip off her clothes and stand her under a warm shower, delicately placing the *ruined beyond all hope of salvation* panties, out of her reach.

"Is that your special soap Steve", asks an adorable, cleaner and much nicer smelling Natalie. "Yes dear ... and it got you all clean".

So, she's in a nappy because it's nearly day-sleep time. Panties are in the trash, jeans and top in the wash, and the bathroom cleaned.

All is well.