Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday revisited

It’s that time of year again ….

Once more, I ventured out into the event known as Black Friday.

Today, I can officially announce the adoption of a new time-zone, WST. This is Walmart Standard Time, and it is precisely two minutes in advance of Central Standard Time.

Happy shopping !

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Email to

Dear Sirs,

Your X-Box promotion was little short of appalling.

No one minds not being one of the 1000 lucky customers. We didn't even expect to win one.

What is unforgivable is your technical inability to even serve the appropriate pages. You should have anticipated the demand, and provided the bandwidth to accommodate the requests.

We are not only unimpressed by this outrageous failure to meet a demand you created, but are reluctant to spend any more of our very hard-earned dollars for any items offered by you.

I am dismayed that it has come to this, after years of happy trading, but we will not be treated in this manner.


Steve Bracken

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Spirit of our Marriage

The Spirit of our Marriage,
Lies not in the Horse and Carriage,
The top-hat and the veil,
Are not the symbols that prevail,
The vows of faith and eternity,
Are not the things that make it work for me,
Children, home and pets,
Make not the bedrock where it sets.
If I plight my troth to thee,
That's the way I choose to be,
The day we wed I had my say,
It was forever, and a day,
The symbols we rely on,
Even the bed we daily lie on,
Make mischief if we feel,
They represent what's true and real,
When we grow old, and days are short,
The vows we took will count for naught,
What matters most is what's inside,
The private parts we seek to hide,
Therein the Spirit of our Marriage lies,
Within our hearts, where it defies
Attempts, thoughts and actions that misconstrue,
It lies in me, and it lies in you.

Steve, 2006