Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Battle Creek

There is a small shop a few miles from here called *Things UK*.

Jodie and I had been planning a visit for a little while now, and Saturday was the day.

There isn’t much to say about the shop its self. It’s a smallish place filled with a variety of imported stuff from Golden Syrup to Black Pudding. Jodie has now seen black pudding, and is even less inclined to try it than when she simply had a description to work with (and she was not very keen even then).

The treacle supply is welcome, and at $5 a tin, less expensive than Pettys (a supermarket in Tulsa).

No. What was interesting was the journey to the shop …..

Leave our neighbourhood, drive a mile and a half east then turn south onto the quaintly named South 145th East Avenue. You have to drive through *Battle Creek*, and various Ridges, etc, before arriving, a few minutes later in Broken Arrow. I half expected to see Commanches riding down the road in front of us. Here, however, it would be more likely to see members of the Creek Nation :)

Wild West indeed !!

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