Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We should all have this problem

So I am watching ET …. That is the trashy TV program *Entertainment Tonight* and not the rather more interesting movie with the same initials. Quite why I am watching this junk momentarily escapes me, but it may have to do with the News having just finished, and my inability to immediately lay my hands on the remote.

Anyway, I am watching the aforementioned crap, when they begin to discuss Christy Brinkley’s divorce. Super-model divorces being something of a staple diet to US TV networks, y’understand.

Apparently there was a custody hearing today for the two minor children. Delightful though they appeared, quite why a responsible parent would want them pictured on national TV is a bit beyond me. My understanding of *good enough* parenting suggests that keeping them as far as possible from such exposure would be rather more appropriate, but I digress.

The Judge made all the usual recommendations of …. Don’t use the kids as messengers, be nice to each other, keep it out of court and never let them vote Republican ….. the sort of thing decent judges always recommend.

At this point, Ms Brinkley makes her only demand of the ex ….. that, should the National Terror Alert be raised to RED, he should only transport them via private jet.

I am dumbfounded!

Custody hearings are about who buys school shoes, which weekends they spend with Dad and which burned turkey they get to eat on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Not once during the messy custody battle we are currently involved in has a Private Jet been mentioned.

I perceive in this situation, a slightly greater understanding of the dichotomies in this country. Not just the inequalities between the *haves* (her), and the *have  nots* (us), but an apparently wealthy, educated and thoughtful woman who actually believes the Terror Alert system really means something.

And we still have the *State of the Union* address to come ….

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