Friday, March 02, 2007


Jodie has a lap-tray. Nothing unusual about that, you may think, and you would be right. Jodie’s lap-tray is special for two reasons. It is the second reason that earns it a place here.

Jodie went to college at age eighteen. As a parting gift, her sister Jennifer made her the tray in question. It’s kind of rectangular, with a cut-out so as to fit comfortably in the *lap* position. The tray is covered with pictures, newspaper clippings and magazine snippets that I guess were of interest to an eighteen year old Jodie.

Yesterday, Natalie told Jodie that there were pictures of both Mommy and Steve on her tray. This so patently isn’t true that Jodie asked Natalie to show her the pictures. Natalie pointed first to Jodie’s picture (which is on the tray), and then to a picture of a younger Patrick Swayze, of around Dirty Dancing vintage.

“There is Steve”, opined a clearly very intelligent girl.

“That’s not Steve”, was the rather unnecessary response from my dear wife.

“Steve says it is” ………..

Whether I did or not is kinda unimportant here. Any denials by me would be as believable as …. well …. A very unbelievable thing.

I still haven’t quit laughing though!

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