Sunday, January 20, 2008

Absolute evidence that our child has started school ..

We, as a family, don't watch much TV. We have a nice TV, and a full service satellite subscription, but there is always something better to do.

This is, I think, a *good thing*.

Sometimes we watch TV together. Last night we decided to have an *American Idol* catch up session. This was met with approval from the Gremlins, and we all sat down to enjoy.

Part way through, Simon Cowell (the other English guy in the lives of our kids) said, of a perfomance, "What the bloody hell was that?"

Michael (6) was amused. "What did Simon just say?"

Natalie (4) responded from her cosy perch between Jodie and I, "He said What the fucking hell was that"

What can you do? She now understands that some words are best not used when Old People are listening, but really, we haven't stopped laughing yet.


Anonymous said...

Not much you can do until you stop laughing I suppose!

Our son said all sorts of things of that nature, and would always argue with us using that kid perfect argument "But you say it!"... I finally told him that when he was old enough to have a job he could curse, but that he could never say those sorts of things in front of his grannies!

Gosh, those kids are always good for a laugh or two aren't they!


Steve said...

That would be why we keep the little charmers around :)