Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Getting there

Hey boys :)

The big adventure started ... it was hard to go, in so very many ways. I guess you two felt it too. I went to Aunty Sue's last night, and while I was there Nanny called. It was nice to hear them, and I hope I can chat to them soon.

So, I was at the airport with Uncle Keir in time to watch him mangae TWO Egg and Bacon McMuffins for his breakfast!!! Two, I tell ya ... lmao

So I was kind of hoping I would get a couple of seats to myself on the flight over. Meanwhile, I was at the gate, looking around at all the fat people, and simply praying to whatever God was most likely to help, that they would be sat miles away from me. Those seats are small enough, without the next guy spilling over into mine :)

I thought I was in luck, when the plane was nearly ready to leave and the seat next to me was empty .... then a young woman (fortunately very slim) came and sat next to me. Things were indeed *looking up* :)

As I type this, we are about halfway. I think the pilot is still sober as the plane seems to be making a fairly steady way across.

I brought a picture of Osama Bin Laden with me (I won't carry it thro immigration) On it I wrote *This is your enemy* .... I have checked carefully, but he isn't on the plane*

More later ...

*thanks Spike

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