Thursday, November 04, 2004

My Clothes :(

Ok, so you know I'm packing (you do, because I said so earlier, and you've been keeping up ... right?) Well today I need to sort out my clothes.

I've been putting this job off for a while, and as a result, there is a good deal of laundry needing doing. I've also been putting it off, because the task will highlight my desperate need for clothing that looks either a) less like it's been slept in by cats for the last three years and/or b) less like my Nanan bought it for one of my uncles in the post-war depression years.

Also is the question of quite what to take. I have ONE suitcase, a backpack and a laptop case as the available space. Now OBVIOUSLY the laptop and it's attendant needs have to come first. Plus all the cables needed to connect it to a variety of TVs, natch! Then there is a big fat cookery book (Delia, again *natch* ... no Martha Stewarts here) and by the time I have included various bits and pieces essential to life in George Bushes new *Post Bush* USA, then I begin to wonder where the clothes will fit in. It really is a blessing that I have so few :)

I really should go get on with it ... jeans, leather jacket, a few t-shirts sox and pants, and that's about it I guess. All the rest of my stuff not immediately suitable can be packed for later (expensive) shipping. When it arrives, I will be able to sort thro everything and THEN decide to throw it all away :)

later ....

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