Thursday, November 11, 2004

Wally World

Walmart has come to England in the shape of a takeover of Asda. There the similarity ends. There really isn’t anywhere in the UK remotely similar to Wally World, and I am not sure yet whether or not this is a good thing.

France has Auchan and Continent, etc. These come pretty close to the idea that is Walmart, but French hypermarches have one fatal flaw:

They do not sell Krispy Kreme!

To call Krispy Kreme a doughnut, would be to call the Mona Lisa a painting! Krispy Kreme may be to spelling what Donald Rumsfeld is to relaxed tolerance, but they are what taste-buds were invented for.

Krispy Kreme is, quite frankly, worth emigrating for. It is a doughnut well worth the trouble it would take to invade and conquer this mighty nation. I am now not surprised that US Immigration kept me waiting two hours at Charlotte airport to ask me the following questions … “Why are you here?” and “How long are you staying?”, before saying “Welcome to America, have a nice trip” …. They were, it appears, simply trying to keep me from discovering eternal happiness in a deep fried dough product.

Well now, America, your secret is out :p

You can keep your World Series … no one is bothered about Superbowl, and the Everglades sound like an air-freshener. But now we know about Krispy Kreme, your borders are that little bit less secure … deal with it.

I haven’t even got started on pecan pie yet ….

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Talmida said...

Watch out, Stebie. You might want to rent Supersize Me before embarking on a Krispy Kreme addiction.